Pace Team 



The Urban Cow Pace Team is sponsored and supported by our good friend Mike Ong of Lyon Realty.


Are you interested in running a specific time or perhaps a personal best in the half marathon? Plan ahead to have our pace team help you reach your goal. We will have pacers for the following Half Marathon finish times: 1:25; 1:30; 1:35; 1:40; 1:45; 1:50; 1:55; 2:00, 2:05, 2:10, 2:15; 2:30; 3:00; and 3:15. 


We wish you the best of luck in achieving your finish time goal!


2:15 (10:18/Mile) Goal Finish Time

Molly Knox

I have more than 20 years of running experience including many marathons and 50 mile races. Most recently I've focused my training on the ultra marathon distance. I finished the Western States 100 mile endurance run in 2012 and this past July ran the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 mile race. 

I'm  a busy mother of two and a Fitness Instructor at California Family Fitness.  In 2009 I trained a group of novice runners to run a full marathon. They all finished including one Boston qualifier!  I am famous for my motivating, spirited style and for providing  tips for training and racing  that inspire runners to realize the importance of good eating for good running performance. My own training involves many miles of running on the Western Sates trail and Auburn area trails in addition to teaching indoor cycle  and strength training classes.

I live in Roseville, Ca with my husband, 2 children, a dog and 2 bunnies!